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Hi my beautiful flowers! The Beauty you have always wanted to display is only an appointment away!

Thank you for choosing Sacred Beauty Garden


Please come makeup free and free of any oil products. If you were typically wear false lashes, please make sure any false lash glue is cleaned off of your natural lashes. *There will be a cleaning fee of $10 if I need to clean any mascara or false lash residue off your natural lashes or lash extensions.*

Cash (preferred), Venmo, PayPal, CashApp! If you wish to pay with your Debit/Credit Card, it will result in a $2.50 Fee due to processing. Please try to bring cash!

Fill-ins on work/previous sets that are not mine will result in a $25 fee due to me having to fix other tech's work/mistakes.
50% OF LASH EXTENSIONS MUST BE PRESENT IN ORDER TO BOOK A FILL-IN! Anything less than 50% of lashes will be considered a full set and you will be charged for the full set price. Please book your fill-ins in advance every 2-3 weeks. I recommend booking your fills ASAP due to me booking fast!

$10 will be added to your final total if late for more than 10 minutes. 15 minutes or more of being late will result in a $25 reschedule/cancellation fee. Your appointment will be cancelled if late for 15 minutes or more and your card on file will be charged the $25 reschedule/cancellation fee. I am typically booked back to back and a client arriving late can throw off the rest of my schedule for the day. Please be respectful of my time and give yourself enough time to safely get here!

You will be charged $25 with your card on file if you cancel 24 hours or less of your appointment. If you are a no-call no-show, you will be charged the FULL amount of your service that you booked for with your card on file!

You are paying for artist time, product, and other expenses used to provide you with your desired service. If you are unsatisfied or experiencing problems, I will do my absolute best to improve your issues. However, NO REFUNDS will be given. I have a 48 hour grace period of a free 45 minute touch up to fix your concerns. You have 48 hours after your appointment to contact me about your concerns in order to receive the free 45 min touch up. (The touch up must be scheduled within 7 days of your initial appointment.)


I have agree to have Sacred Beauty Garden apply eyelash extensions and/or remove eyelash extensions from/to my natural eyelashes. Before my qualified Professional can perform this procedure, I understand that I must completely read this agreement and provide my informed consent by signing and dating where indicated below.

Waiver of liability: I understand that there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes applied to and/or removed from/to my existing natural eyelashes. In the application for removal of these products there are still risks associated with the procedure and product itself, which includes and without limitations: eye irritation, eye pain, discomfort, and in rare cases blindness when improperly applied. As a part of this procedure, I understand that a proper amount of professional eyelash adhesive will be used to attach the artificial eyelash extensions to my existing natural eyelashes.


Even though the professional may apply or remove my eyelash extensions properly, I understand that some eyelash adhesive material may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow up care at my own expense to prevent damage to my eyes. I also understand that there is more than one technique for applying lashes and I will not attribute any liability to the Professional or Sacred Beauty Garden because of this procedure or the aftercare of the eyelash extensions.


I also agree to hold no harm done by the Professional and Sacred Beauty Garden. As used in this agreement the terms “Professional” and “Sacred Beauty Garden” include all the respected officers, directors, agents, employees, and successors of the company.

If any legal action is brought to enforce the terms of this agreement I agree to be responsible for any expenses, damages, and liabilities including reasonable attorney’s fees which might be asserted against them. This contract will be null in void if the Professionals at Sacred Beauty Garden do not perform this or any future procedures with proper and professional care.

This agreement will remain in effect for this procedure and all future procedures conducted by the professional or any other professionals conducting business at the salon/spa establishment listed above.

I agree that this agreement is binding upon me and my heirs, any legal representations including my lawyer, and the company Sacred Beauty Garden. I represent that I am over the age of 18 years old and I have the right to enter into this agreement. If I am under the age of 18, I have had my parents or legal guardians consent to enter into this agreement.

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